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Three Ways to Take Better Care of Your Dog

Compared to our human loved ones, dogs are wonderfully low-maintenance. They are not only perfectly content with who we are, flaws and all, they also love us unconditionally just for being there. All we have to give them in return is fresh dog food, shelter, and some attention when we can spare it.

But that being said, it’s important to make sure that you’re taking the best care of your furry friend as possible. Here are three ways most of us could take better care of our dogs, be it ensuring they’re eating a nutritionally-balanced diet, that they’re relaxed, and that we’re making time to focus on them and reciprocating the love they show us each and every day.

Reassess Their Diet

Whether you’re feeding your dog kibble from the grocery store or making him or her fresh food every day, you owe it to your pup to make sure they’re getting the proper nutrients they need in each and every meal. After all, our pups aren’t that much different from us: Neither of us should eat heavily-processed foods and both of us do much better on a fresh diet.

But that being said, not all fresh dog food is created equal. People cooking homemade meals for their dogs and practitioners of raw food diets are often inspired by a desire to feed their pups something fresher, tastier, and more nutritionally complete than kibble. Unfortunately, both of those diets can be dangerous and unhealthy, be it because they are nutritionally unbalanced or contain harmful pathogens that should be cooked out (or both).

For safe, nutritionally-balanced meals you can trust, look into a reputable fresh dog food delivery service. Your dog will thank you for it and you’ll know that you’re feeding your pup healthy meals you don’t need to worry about. You’ll want to make sure that the food is cooked in a way that safely kills any pathogens while retaining nutrients, such as the sous-vide method. It’s also important to research the brand to make sure that all of the products and flavors they offer have been overseen by a veterinarian nutritionist so they contain all of the necessary nutrients your adult dog needs.

Set Aside Quality Time

What your dog wants most in the world (with the possible exception of whatever you’re eating) is to spend quality time with you. So be sure to schedule regular time to hang out with your pooch and do whatever he or she wants to do. What exactly that is, you will likely know better than anyone else.

If your canine companion likes trips in the car and meeting new human and dog buddies, spend a day at the dog park. If they’re introverts, play fetch on the lawn until one of you tires out. Rough and tumble types will love some tug-of-war, and aqua-dogs will be delighted by a trip to the nearest body of water or a kiddie pool in the backyard (Just be mindful of the temps!). And if your best friend prefers nothing more than curling up on your lap for a movie marathon, break out the popcorn and some healthy dog snacks.

Give Them a Massage

OK, a dog massage might fall a bit more into the “pamper” zone, but it’s important to show your dog you’re there for him or her with some uber-relaxing pets. Dog massage is a concept many people are familiar with, although the process may not be familiar. To clarify, your dog almost certainly isn’t going to like the sort of massage you do. There are some who may enjoy deeper muscle and tissue massage, but for most it proves too intense.

To massage your pup, wait until he or she is relaxed, or relax them with soothing petting, and then massage them lightly with gentle but firm circular motions on their neck and back, on either side of the spine. You can also try gently massaging their legs, but some dogs aren’t as fond of that, so be sure to pay attention to your dog’s body language and any reaction if you give it a try. For more specific techniques, there are a number of instructional articles and videos available on the internet, and one can also hire professionals to massage your dog for you.

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